Gambling in Countries

Illegal Gambling in Countries around the World

Many countries and cities like Singapore, Macau, Vegas etc. are the epitome of gambling activities. Such cities are widely popular for their wide availability of lavish casinos around the world. Over the years, gambling hasn’t just remained an activity for entertainment, but it is also a billion-dollar industry. It is not wrong to say that gambling is also an essential contributor to the revenue of individual countries and states.

Despite all the advantages, gambling is still illegal in various countries, and we can’t help but ask why? One of the significant reasons could be the stigma behind the activity, morality and religion. While some countries are directly concerned with the socioeconomic ramifications behind the activity. Some of the ramifications include:

  • Developing gambling addiction
  • Ending one’s life in the pressure of gambling debts
  • Underage gambling
  • Compulsive gambling

Hence, we’ve predicted that the reasons mentioned above are the primary setback to the development of the gambling industries in certain parts of the world – make them illegal.


Is gambling illegal?

Like those mentioned earlier, some countries consider gambling to illegal activity due to their religious beliefs. Although no religion explicitly states that gambling Is an illegal activity, it is still considered a sin by the people of the nation.

A few other countries have banned gambling because it hampers their country’s code of conduct. It also reciprocates the government or the state’s disability to safeguard their citizens from a mere acct of entertainment. But one thing the countries and states fail to understand is that – no matter what the circumstances are, people who wish to gamble are going to find ways to do so. It will cause them to enter the criminal organizations, in the name of illegal gambling.

Illegal gambling places

Currently, there exist 15 different countries where gambling is straight out illegal. The citizens of these countries are banned from participating in any form of gambling and if caught in the act, are subject to punishment by the law and imprisonment. Countries like Cyprus, North Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Cambodia etc. are some of the nations that have illegalized the activity strictly.

Other countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia etc. also consider gambling an illegal activity – but there is little hope that one day the government will consider legalizing the activity, whether the state sanctions or not. As of late, countries like China and Japan are also facing towards legalizing gambling in some of their regions.


China is one such country that allows its citizens to gamble on sports betting and other activities like the lottery. They also have gambling hubs where the citizens are allowed to gamble to their heart’s content. On the other hand, Macau has surpassed Vegas records and is now popularly called the gambling capital of the world.

Bottom Line

Although gambling is a famous form of entertainment in many parts of the world, some countries are still sceptical about their legalization.

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