Beginner’s Handbook About The Popular Game Of Craps

There is something so stimulating about the dice games that no zealous gambler can keep his/her hands off this excitement. These games are fantastic to prove your luck or to show off your skills. This unique combination of possibility and ability is what gives these games an oomph factor. If you are new to this zone or if you wish to try another variant of casino game, Craps can be your thrilling option.

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What is Casino Craps?

Also called Bank Craps, Street Craps, or Table Craps, it is a dice game played in a casino. Here, you have to make a bet about the outcome of the dice roll or the dice rolls series. Yes, it is a game to test your luck, but you can choose the kind of wager you are comfortable with. There are countless variations of this game in malaysia casino online, and you can enjoy even the hardest of the levels once you learn some winning tricks.

The Online Version

Traditionally dices would be rolled over the table in an offline casino. Craps is known to rush immeasurable zeal in the gamblers to the extent that the casino hosts had to include this game on their online platforms. The rules of online casino games malaysia are as same as that of offline wagering. The only point of difference may be that in the online version, there might be no shooters. This means that you can enjoy being the shooter in every round. You only have to click on the button and place your lucky bets on the outcome.

The list of popular variants is as follows:-

  • Pass Line
  • Don’t Pass
  • Pass Line Odds
  • Don’t Pass Odds
  • Don’t Come Odds
  • Come Odds
  • Come
  • Don’t Come
  • Place Win
  • Place Lose
  • Big 6
  • Big 8
  • Any 7
  • Any 11
  • Any Craps
  • Hardways 
  • Buy 
  • Lay
  • Ace
  • And umpteen others

The end motive is to predict the number that the dice would roll to. The difference among the games is the kind of dices and the manner of throwing them.

Related Superstitions

Since this is a game of luck, people try and believe some of the game’s notions. Some of the in-use superstitions about the game of Craps are as follows:-

  • Lady luck- It is considered a matter of fortune to play as or with a lady who is playing the game for the first time. They consider it a higher winning probability. 
  • Number 7- This number is said to be avoided as much as the gamblers can. They do not even say it aloud and have slang names for it.
  • Bet against the pass- Gamblers do not like bets under the name of “Don’t pass” or “Don’t come” as they prove to be disadvantageous to the other players who may seek revenge from you later.

People are generally mistaken about the game concept and push it away by labeling it as ‘complex.’ But, once you begin playing it and start to get the right predictions, there is no coming back. You can always begin with the simple games that have higher chances of winning.


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